Expand your agency footprint with the expertise, markets and support of Wilmington.


Niche Program Development & Fulfillment

Wilmington Insurance Agency is available to help support your program needs in a number of ways:

  • We can help you develop a new product concept or niche from cradle to grave, including assistance with the deployment and underwriting of the product line(s).
  • Our investors are looking for ways to deploy capital:
    • Small insurers can look to our affiliate insurance company as a potential risk-sharing partner to provide capacity.
    • Support the purchase of blocks of business that we can in turn underwrite.
    • Entertain the potential acquisitions of small insurance companies.

Leverage Our Knowledge, Technology and Expertise

Wilmington has all the tools and expertise to build a product from the ground up. Our cutting- edge technology can be utilized to support policy issuance and underwriting. We also provide full insurance company operations for our product lines ranging from rate/quote/issue to accounting, processing, data management, and managing the balance sheet.

We’ll Help You Navigate the Coastal Property Market

Our products are exclusively distributed through independent insurance agencies and we look forward to expanding your book of business in the coastal insurance market. For more information about our products, please contact us at 302.231.2800.