Offer your coastal clients stable wind and flood insurance solutions.


Wind & Flood Coverage Solutions for Coastal Properties

Hurricanes, tornadoes and storms cause billions of dollars in damage ever year, recently evidenced by the trifecta of destructive storms we experienced in 2017. These claims put significant stress on your clients when they have to pay large premiums for coverage with high deductibles. Wilmington Insurance Agency can help with a variety of solutions:

  • Buy down deductibles to a level financially sustainable for your client.
  • Quote wind-only policies to match with your markets for other lines.
  • Overcome low wind limits with excess wind coverage to extend coverage to the full value of your client’s property.

Whether it is a coastal wind exposure or an inland wind/hail/tornado exposure, we have solutions to help address your wind insurance needs for coastal residents and businesses.

Our Flood Insurance Solutions for Residents

Recent floods across the United States have illustrated glaring deficiencies in the coverage purchased by coastal property owners, with many who did not realize the extent of their flood exposure. We can help you protect your clients and reduce your E&O exposure by providing the flood coverage limits they need.

  • Did you know the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) residential program offers flood coverage up to only $250,000 of building coverage and $100,000 of personal property?
  • Did you know the NFIP residential program maintains a separate deductible for building and property?  Yes, this is a $20,000 hit to your client; can they afford it?
  • Did you know the NFIP residential program provides coverage on an actual cash value basis?

Wilmington can help your residential client avoid these pitfalls with better coverage, higher limits and lower deductibles. Our flood coverage can be purchased on a primary basis or excess basis; we can also provide deductible buybacks.

Our Flood Insurance Solutions for Businesses

Commercial flood coverage through the NFIP has higher limits of $500,000 per building and $500,000 for contents than for residences, but significant exposure still remains above these limits, not to mention, there is no provision for business interruption insurance in the NFIP policies. Deductibles start at $15,000 and higher.  As in residential flood, business flood also values losses on an actual cash value basis. We can provide competitive flood insurance to replace the NFIP program with competitive pricing or we can help build higher limits with excess coverage.

Wilmington provides primary and excess flood insurance for commercial and residential risks.  In addition, we will consider risk from all coverage zones.

We’ll Help You Navigate the Coastal Property Market

Our products are exclusively distributed through independent insurance agencies and we look forward to expanding your book of business in the coastal insurance market. For more information about our products, please contact us at 302.231.2800.